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Vanguard Vipers

5/3/05 08:03 am - natdemeo - Assignment #6

Hullo! (As Koralik would say).
So Vipers, how are the projects coming along? Are you inspired or do you have some problems? What are those problems? Could you describe them to me? Let our community help you! For those of you who are inspired and creating a beautiful work of art, what is working for you? What part of this project do you like? Have any of you tried using something other than newspaper/magazine/print outs to illustrate your point?(ex. Paint, string, cans, dirt, shoes, etc). Remember to start working on your legends - a visual outline of the stuff in your collage and a reason for it in the context of your topic. Let me help you if I can. If you work on this baby for the rest of the trimester, so be it! Don't let time worry you.
Peace and Love-

4/21/05 08:05 am - natdemeo - Assignment #5

What do you think of Kurt Vonnegut ya'll? Kooky story, 'ay?

4/21/05 07:57 am - natdemeo - Assisgnment #4

Howdy Partners! Sooooo... have any comments about "Anthem?" There's a lot of issues that we have discussed in class... for instance, Individualism, Communism, Fascism, Love, Ego, Pride, Freedom, etc. I know I have gone off on a Feminist criticism of this novel many times in class. What do you think of this type of criticism? Is it justified? The thing that I am trying to bend my brain around is why would the author, who is a woman, write this story about a man, and portray women as a subordinate? What's up with this? I know that artists make social comments about the time period in which they live in. But has Ayn simply revealed how is was back in the day for women? I bounce back and forth. But, you don't all have to comment on the whole feminist dealy-o! Many other themes present here people.

3/22/05 01:33 pm - natdemeo - Assignment #3

If you have been in class the last couple of days, we have discussed Leonardo DaVinci's concept of how to develop CURIOSITA - we had you develop 100 questions at a single sitting. Did you find some themes emerging? Are there common questions that you ask yourself? How important is this skill, do you think? What would your life be like if you weren't curious? I say that a happy person is a curious person... why do I think that? While we're on this subject, have you ever thought what kind of learner you are? What kind of intelligences do you have? There are seven intelligences according to a guy named Gardner, all of which Leonardo was a master of. Hence, the genius title. Which of these seven are you good at? 1. Logical /Mathematical 2. Verbal/Linguistic
3. Spatial/Mechanical 4. Musical 5. Bodily 6. Interpersonal 7. Intrapersonal (self-knowledge).

3/16/05 01:56 pm - enkempf

Hi! This is Nicole. Just Joined the group, not sure why. LoL. No But really, thanx for accepting me.


3/9/05 11:54 am - natdemeo - assignment 2

Did you find any topic that we discussed in class today remotely interesting? If so, continue a part, or all, of the discussion in your opinion. If your memory is foggy, today we talked about Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire," you wrote about a "fire" in your life to show us that you know how to write a paragraph, and finally, we discussed what "Change" is, how it happens, etc. We talked about the dress code specifically as an example of how not only clothing changes, but how people's attitudes change. Write on group!!

3/8/05 01:21 pm - natdemeo - Assignment 1

In this assignment, you must tell me about your favorite movie.

Post as a comment below.

3/8/05 01:12 pm - bethanyjolly - Welcome!!

This is the English/History Community...

more to follow.
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